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Refurbished HTC Phones


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Pristine Refurbished HTC Phones Unlocked

For years, HTC has been creating some of the best and most innovative smartphones in the market. The prices of HTC phones have ranged from flagship to mid-range, but the certain thing is that you will always get the best quality, performance, and features you can get in the range you're choosing with HTC phones. Check out QwikFone deals for the best HTC refurbished phones in the UK right here.


Best refurbished HTC mobile phones deals online

While different refurbished HTC smartphones' conditions may vary, with QwikFone, you can guarantee to have a pristine handset no matter what model you choose. Our tea pays close attention to every detail of the deal to ensure that all of our customers have an experience as close as possible to that of buying a brand-new HTC mobile phone. So, with the like-new HTC refurbished mobile phone you buy from QwikFone, you get the same deal terms as if you're buying the phone new.


Unlocked device

QwikFone experts offer the refurbished HTC phones unlocked to enable our users to use their devices with different carriers whenever they need to. This feature saves users a great deal of time, effort, and money when it comes to international traveling as they will be able to use local carriers in different countries at the local rates.


Free new accessories

All of the HTC refurbished mobile deals come with a standard set of the essential accessories that the phone need to function properly and would normally come with the new phone. Usually, the accessory set includes a charger head, a USB cable, earphones, and a SIM ejector.

The accessories are brand-new and made by our partners with the quality and specifications of the original HTC accessories quality and specs in mind in order to guarantee our customers a quality level similar to the original accessories quality and performance.


Warranty policy

Buying a refurbished HTC mobile phone online has never been safer! QwikFone team of mobile experts will always have your back whenever you have an issue with your HTC refurbished phone. During the first year, we support our devices with free repairs for any refurbishment and manufacturing issues you may come across while using the device.

If the handset has any irreparable technical issues, we replace the device with another pristine phone of the same model.

This warranty policy also includes the accessories as we replace any defective item for free during the first year as well.


Return policy

QwikFone's return policy offers our customers a 14-day window for a full refund if they changed their minds about purchasing the HTC refurbished smartphone.


Free shipping

No matter what is the model of the refurbished HTC phones you decide to buy at QwikFone, you will get a free shipping option. By choosing the free shipping, you will have the entire deal for the handset's device only without any further costs!


Monthly installments

QwikFone enables all of our customers to pay monthly installments using the PayPal credit program.


HTC refurbished phones features & performance

HTC mobile phones have the best hardware aspects in all of the smartphone market. Google realized this fact and had its first Nexus phone manufactured by HTC. So, buying an HTC refurbished phone can guarantee you, as a user, the best quality, longevity, and durability for your heavy usage.

Moreover, the processor and platform of the HTC phones always offer the best performance in its ranks which maximizes the value this device is providing for its price. The HTC U11, for example, is not only a gorgeous phone that other mid-range devices are starting to copy its design in 2019 and beyond, but it was also the first smartphone to offer the frame-squeeze feature that everyone is raving about in the Pixel phones by Google now. 

Perhaps one of HTC's biggest problems as a company is the lack of proper marketing that can emphasize these phones' amazing features and capabilities. This is why here at QwikFone, we offer amazing deals on the HTC refurbished unlocked phones for our customers to enjoy the best smartphone quality at the lowest prices! Don't miss this chance and order your HTC pristine smartphone right now and get the free shipping!

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