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Nokia 3


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Refurbished Nokia 3 Pristine & Unlocked 

Since Nokia rejoined the market with its smartphones line, things have gotten much better for the company as well as its loyal users. Nokia has managed to offer some of the best mid-range and entry-level budget smartphones with special eye-catching design with great specs.

The refurbished Nokia 3 is the best proof of the Nokia smartphones' quality in both build and performance. QwikFone has the best deals on the Nokia 3 refurbished phone unlocked & pristine. Check it out right here!


Why choose the refurbished Nokia 3?

Nokia 3 has a very distinct and elegant design that you'd rarely find in a budget phone. The build quality of the Nokia 3 smartphone is fantastic and will make you feel like you're holding a premium flagship almost.

Even though the Nokia 3 phone doesn't have the biggest battery, it is still quite impressive for its price point. The 2630 mAh battery will get you through most of the day with moderate use. Yet, we still have to keep in mind that this is an entry-level smartphone and, in this level of smartphones, this can be considered a great battery performance!

Coming to the highlights of this phone, the 5-inch IPS LCD display offers a 1280 x 720-pixel resolution. You can upgrade the Android from Nougat to Pie which is the latest version of Android. The cameras are both 8MP and they both film 720p videos.

The quad-core processor works perfectly with the battery life and the 2GB RAM is perfect for the rest of the phone's specs and power requirements. Last but not least, the Nokia 3 can be unlocked which is awesome and it comes with a loudspeaker and a 3.5mm jack for all earphones lovers out there.

The Nokia 3 is an overall super impressive entry-level smartphone that you don't want to miss at this price!


Nokia 3 unlocked phone from QwikFone

A few years have passed since the release of the Nokia 3 and it is still one of the best smartphones that you can get for a limited budget and get a great value for your money. You can also get this phone as good as new for a discounted price at QwikFone. Our refurbished Nokia 3 has been tested by experts to ensure its pristine condition inside and out.


How we give you a pristine Nokia 3 phone

For the internal parts that control the performance of the phone, QwikFone makes sure that the original parts are working fine or else they are replaced with OEM parts. Those parts are made by the original manufacturer of Nokia smartphones. So, with those parts and QwikFone's experienced and skilled specialists can offer identical performance and functionality to the brand-new phone.


Nokia 3 unlocked

The refurbished Nokia 3 is also unlocked to enable the users to use it with different carriers whenever the need calls for that. For users who travel overseas a lot, having an unlocked phone is the perfect option to save the roaming costs.


Free chargers & earphones for everyone!

Along with the handset, QwikFone's deals for the Nokia 3 refurbished & unlocked all include a free set of the most essential accessories for the phone like the charger, the earphones, and the SIM ejector.

The accessories are made by our trusty manufacturer to resemble the original Nokia accessories in performance as well as quality.


Quality ensured in multiple ways

QwikFone's mobile experts will provide you with free repair services for the refurbished Nokia 3 at any time you come across an issue caused by a manufacturing or refurbishment error during the first year. Our 1-year warranty also guarantees you the right to a free replacement of the phone in the problem cannot be permanently fixed.


Free shipping

The entire deal from QwikFone for the refurbished Nokia 3 can cost you only the price of the handset since the accessories are already for free and you can opt for the free shipping we offer for all of our refurbished phones deals.


Pay installments with PayPal

QwikFone accepts PayPal credit which enables you to pay in monthly installments ultimately. This offers a further step towards making this deal as easy as possible for you financially.

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