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Nokia 6


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Refurbished Nokia 6 Pristine & Unlocked

Nokia is still one of the names that are considered iconic when it comes to the features, performance, and quality of a smartphone. With the prices of its mid-range and entry-level smartphones, we consider it to be an iconic brand for affordability as well!  QwikFone is offering great deals on the refurbished Nokia 6 including the phone's accessories and a one-year warranty.


Refurbished Nokia 6 top features

Before taking any decision to buy the Nokia 6 refurbished or brand-new, QwikFone experts will help you get a clear idea of its features and overall performance to be able to know what to expect when you finally decide to buy it. This way, you can set your expectations at a realistic level instead of not having a precise idea of what you're getting into with this phone.

The first advantage you get with the Nokia 6 is its high-end premium-looking design. This high-end feeling also comes from the build quality not just the mere look or appearance of the phone. So, although you'll pay £100 for it, you won't feel like you're holding and using a cheap phone whatsoever.

Another positive point about the Nokia 6 is its 5.5-inch display with a Full HD resolution. At this price point, having this display quality is a huge plus. The actual performance of the screen is quite impressive with high levels of brightness that makes using the phone outdoors super easy and the screen is very visible in the sunlight. Nokia is not cutting any corners with this phone despite its low price.

The fingerprint scanner for the ID unlock is built into the capacitive touch home button. This is another feature that offers superior performance with the fast responsiveness of the unlock functionality.

The Nokia 6 has a great battery life as well. The 3000 mAh battery will easily last you an entire day and, with average usage, can even go a little beyond that.

Saving the best for last, the Nokia 6 camera is absolutely amazing considering the price. The rear camera is a 16MP snapper and it films HD 1080p videos. As for the front camera, it also films HD videos which makes it perfect for vlogging and all sorts of YouTube video purposes as well as just capturing high-quality family memories.


QwikFone's deal details for the refurbished Nokia 6

You can get the refurbished Nokia 6 unlocked at QwikFone with amazing deal terms that will reassure you towards the entire idea of buying a refurbished phone. As we at QwikFone realize the worries users usually have about refurbished smartphones quality and condition, we developed the best deal that covers all points of concern you may have.


Pristine Nokia 6 unlocked

Our mobile specialists make sure that the refurbishment process of the Nokia 6 includes unlocking the SIM software so that you're able to use it with different carriers. Although some might think that this is a trivial matter, you'll find this particular feature beneficial when it comes to international traveling. The unlocked Nokia 6 will work in any country at the local carrier prices just by inserting the SIM card of that carrier. So, forget about the expensive roaming fees and having to buy multiple handsets for different carriers.


New free accessories

The QwikFone deal for the Nokia 6 refurbished also includes a set of brand-new accessories included in the price. The accessories include the charger, the earphones, and the SIM ejector tool.


12-month warranty

To support the performance of the phone and reassure our customers about the quality of the refurbished Nokia 6, the device and its accessories have a 12-month warranty that provides you with free repairs and, if the situation requires, a free replacement for the device itself as well as its accessories.


14-day return policy

You can easily change your mind about buying the Nokia 6 unlocked refurbished and in this case, you will get a full refund immediately.



Free shipping

Just like with any other refurbished phone by QwikFone, you have the chance of paying nothing but the price of the handset and getting everything else for free including the shipping. Also, make sure to order the phone during our business hour which you will find on the shipping policy page. This way we get to ship out your refurbished Nokia 6 on the same day you ordered it.

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